2019 Holga Week Logo

2019 Holga Week Logo by Mr. Holga.

I designed a Holga Week logo last night. I hope everyone can see the shape of a Holga camera. Much like Dallas Photo Walk, I incorporated the year and dates of the event. This might look good on a t-shirt. We’ll see.

Holga Week 2019

Basket full of Holga Cameras by Mr. Holga

Howdy, Holga Photographer!

If that intro sounds a little strange, it’s because Holga Week is now managed by me, Mr. Holga. My good friend, Holga Jen, has entrusted the stewardship of Holga Week with me. Although I have some big shoes to fill, I plan to make Holga Week bigger and better.

Holga Week 2019 is Tuesday, October 1 through Monday, October 7, 2019. I’m starting a new tradition by making Holga Week the first seven days in October. So, incase you’re wondering, when Holga Week 2019 is a success, then Holga Week 2020 will be October 1-7, 2020. See how that works.

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